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O'Hair interior Shutters to make your home look beautiful!

O'Hair interior products are the perfect way to beautify your home or business. O'Hair interior offers many different types of interior shutters and there is plenty of options to choose from and they come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. O'Hair interior shutters are the perfect addition of style for your home. A leader in the industry, O'Hair provides high-quality decorative shutters to homes and businesses throughout North America.


  • Townhouse Louver

    The refined 1 1/2" spacing of the Townhouse louver is ideal for smaller windows and the time-honored look of the classic brownstone, as well as in more exotic settings.

  • Plantation Louver

    The 2" Plantation-style louver spacing provides the traditional look of southern living. It is also popular for bathroom windows and closet doors.

  • Fairway Louver

    The Fairway is our most popular louver style. The generous 3" spacing is ideal for tall and wide and it is a perfect complement for drapery.

  • Oceanview Louver

    The bold 4' spacing of the Oceanview is great for tall windows and in sleek, modern designs. It works well in single and multi- section panels.

  • Panorama Louver

    The Panorama, with its 5" spacing provides a stunning vista and offers a view ratio of up to 93% for the ulitmate combination of light control and unimpeded view.

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  • Raised Panel

    Elegant, Clean, Handsome 
    Raised Panel shutters offer a clean look that’s fitting for a variety of historic or modern homes.

  • Board & Batten

    Colorful Character, Old-World Charm 
    Homes with old-world charm and rustic style look even better with colorful board & batten shutters. This distinguished style of shutter is a favorite choice for lake homes and retreats in the woods.

  • Bahama

    Caribbean, Versatile, Functional
    Add a refreshing blast of tropical charm with Bahama shutters. Both functional and attractive, this versatile shutter style block out UV rays, protect against storms and allow breezes to flow through your home.

  • Faux Louver

    Classic, Traditional, Clean
    Choose the clean, patterned look of faux louvers to beautify a variety of homes styles. Explore using additional rails to accentuate vertical and horizontal details for extra curb appeal.

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